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Our Potential in Numbers



worth of produce can be grown inside a single one of our containers which means we're using less than 1% of an acre of a traditional farm



as it's not touched by human hands and moreover we don't use soil leading to the absence of any insects, pests, weeds or unnecessary bacteria 



is saved because we use hydroponics and aeroponics which means we don't use any genetic modification which leads to such a low and healthy water consumption

The first implementations of our massive vision

Our Pilot Project

We have 2 pilot projects which are to be built with the help of our internship project, the 1st pilot project will be built in Chennai, India. We will simultaneously be building our commercial project in London, United Kingdom. Please find more details about our pilot project and the technologies involved in by clicking here.

The mission: To save today and create a better tomorrow.

Payir Corp Limited is a multidisciplinary Green-Tech and Agri-Tech company, acting as a holding company under it are 2 subsidiary companies Payir Corp Tech Limited and Payir Corp Solutions Limited dedicated to the production of products, services, materials & equipment and marketing & branding respectively. 

We currently operate in the prestigious city of London, England, United Kingdom, we aim to launch our products and Services by 2023. Within 5 years from the launch of our products and services in the United Kingdom and other nearby serviceable locations we aim to be able to provide our products in the middle eastern countries too. But why all this? What's the reason for us to event start these companies?

Here's our 'Why' - The Earth is dying, there's no way to sugarcoat it, in 2020 and 2021 over 2.37 billion (1 in 3) people did not have adequate food making over 768 million people undernourished, to feed the consumers enough resources we honestly require 1.8 more Earths now, by 2050 our population is set to reach nearly 10 billion people moreover experts predict that by 2100 we might need 3 Earths, we believe this problem might come way sooner than we could possibly imagine.

Our oceans will be empty for fishing by 2046. Will increasing our agricultural lands solve such issues? No! Increasing agricultural lands results in deforestation, increase in genetic modification, chemical usage and water usage. Did you know that 70% of our fresh water is being spoilt by agriculture? 

If in case we solve the food crisis does it solve the food consumption crisis? No! That's because our food consumption patterns have changed due to many trends which people think that is cool but it actually is not and that's why we are also creating food, health & fitness movements and experiences through our app which is currently under development that will change the world.

We have the solutions, We are the solution. But are we just going to solve the food issues or consumption issues? Nope! We have a lot more projects under development in the domains of clean energy, green architecture and many more as the problems that we might face just doesn't end with food and its consumption. 

The future begins with you. It's time to take action.

We founded Payir Corp out of a pure passion for people. Our goals, ambitions and inspirations have come together to form a truly amazing company that all of us are proud to be a part of. Explore this page to learn more.

Our Visionary Founder.

Our passion for creating meaningful change for the world is what sets us apart. The Payir Corp team believes in the potential of our great ideas, and it truly shows in all of our work. All this potential and tireless work is because of our vision driven founder and advisers.

Founder, Chairman & CEO


A visionary entrepreneur who started building startups at the age of 14 and is the Founder, Chairman & CEO for 5 companies. Dakshin Co-Founded our company with his mother as an initiative to create a better future.

Listen to Crop Theory

At Payir Corp we're creating a series of podcasts and videos where we discuss groundbreaking technologies, scientific breakthroughs and innovation. Stay tuned as Crop Theory's coming up soon.

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