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Find a Payir Corp Experience near you

India - Pilot Project

Launching in 2023 at Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

UK - Pilot Project

Launching in 2023 at London, England, United Kingdom.

Experience Store

To be announced soon.

Experience Restaurant

To be announced soon.

Thinking of doing something new?

We are always looking for new partnerships.

As we always mention and as our fans always mention we are not just a business promoting ourselves but a business that supports others too. If you are an VC, Investor, Influencer or whoever it might be this is an opportunity for us to work together. We look forward to creating ever lasting relationships with everyone. Contact us to see how we can work on the next big thing and be the next big thing.

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5 Brayford Square,

Stepney Green, London E1 0SG, UK


We hope you enjoyed exploring our site. Looking for more information? Having more questions to ask? Look no further, just contact us!

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