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Find Payir Corp at the 3rd Global Vertical Farming Show (GVF), 2022 on the 29th & 30th of November.

It's our pleasure to be a part of the many organizations attending the 3rd Global Vertical Farming Show (GVF), 2022 and changing the world. We're glad to announce that we're one of the many event partners and that our visionary Founder, Chairman & CEO - Dakshin is one of the Delegates. But why attend this event?

Our planet as we know will cross a population of 10 billion people by 2050 and if nothing changes in a few more years we will need 3 earths to sustain our ways of living. Crazy isn't it? Do you know what else is crazy? The way in which our food is produced - a research conducted from the analysis from various governments over the period of 40 years since 1961 by experts had concluded that we had already crossed the limit of Earth's natural capacity of being sustainable in 1980 and that the 2nd largest cause for it was Agriculture...

The fun fact is we did not need to do months or years of research to find these facts, all it took for us to find these facts was from a few minutes of viewing one of the assessments from the AP course: Environmental Science Semester - 1 which is meant for K12 students.

The question here is who's going to take action?

We all know that this is not a problem that can just be solved by a government or a company though we believe in the fact that any individual is capable of molding the society for the better and that's where TAB group decided to conduct multiple events such as The Global Vertical Farming Show, Africa Agri Expo and many more. These events bring together Governments, Industry Leading Companies, Visionary Entrepreneurs, Investors, Suppliers, Potential Customers, Researchers, Students and many others for a few days to connect, collaborate and create solutions....

And that's why we're to attend this event, to contribute our part in saving today creating a better tomorrow.

Hats off to GVF & TAB Group for organizing such events, we know that the clock is ticking and that we just can't wait to be there in Delhi in 18 more days! If you've read this and if you still haven't registered for the event we urge you to do it so that you can contribute towards the shared vision that we have through this event.

You can register for the event by clicking on the button below.

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