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Our Technology

As a result of over 6 months of R&D we have developed a highly sustainable, net-zero, efficient, advanced and automated Aeroponics based container farming concept. Our container farming concept will be capable of growing 2.5 to 3.75 acres worth of produce at the same reduce an immense amount of capex and opex. 

The Specs


A 320 Sq.Ft cold storage container with an upgraded insulation, it is to be equipped with an insulated transparent roof to allow sunlight to be utilized. Inside the container you can find 2 sections, one for the seedling & germination and the other for the growing phase.

Plant Growth

The seedling & germination section will comprise of a seedling machine where the best seeds are to be selected by us and to be placed inside the seedling machine where it is hydroponically grown up to a size of 2 inches and then is transplanted into the growing section. The growing section will comprise 132 plant panels which'll have 5 channels each and each channel will be capable of growing about 20 plants allowing a maximum growing capacity of 13,200 plants. The growing phase will utilize Aeroponics as a growing system.

The Equipment

Unlike many vertical farms we will be using sunlight as it'll be a feature that'll reduce the capex and opex. Next, we will minimize the usage of lighting by maximizing the usage of reflectors and then when it comes to climate control we'll be having highly automated humidifiers and air conditioners which'll come with an economizer feature that'll allow it to reduce the current usage and increase efficiency.

Our 1st pilot project will be implemented in Chennai, India. As we're developing a new vertical farming technology Tamil Nadu having support from the government and being a capital for agricultural innovation is the right place for us to develop our new technology and experiment. The pilot in Tamil Nadu will be used for obtaining certifications, research & development, education and social welfare.

Our 2nd pilot project will be a fully commercial project which'll be profit driven in the United Kingdom.


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